Feelin’ DNA inspires visually impaired science students with 3D-printed models

Feelin’ DNA, founded by UNC biology and biomedical engineering students, is inspiring the visually impaired by providing tactile learning tools for STEM subjects. STEM curricula often focus on visual aids, textbooks and online images that are largely inaccessible to visually impaired students. The Feelin’ DNA team works to translate those images into 3-D models with simplified shapes and tactile cues that facilitate learning for visually impaired students as well as their peers.

Since its launch last fall as a result of a genetics class assignment, Feelin’ DNA continues to flourish. They bridge the gap between STEM topics and the visually impaired community by building 3D models with multi-sensory and interactive features especially designed to fit the needs of these students. Currently, no other organizations are filling this gap, which presents Feelin’ DNA with a unique opportunity to improve lives.