Call for Concepts: 2017 C. Felix Harvey Award

The deadline for completing and submitting your proposal for the C. Felix Harvey Award to Advance Institutional Priorities is quickly approaching: October 6, 2017.  
The C. Felix Harvey Award was created by members of the Harvey family to honor the legacy of their father’s entrepreneurial spirit. For each of the past eight years, one faculty-led project in the humanities and social sciences has been selected through a rigorous process to receive the award. These faculty are creating solutions that directly and positively impact constituencies outside the University.

Wonder what previous award winners have been working on? The following two recipients are faculty members from the schools of nursing and social work, each recognized for their exemplary faculty scholarship reflecting the University’s commitment to innovation.

Coretta Jenerette, associate professor at the UNC School of Nursing,
is seeking to improve the lives of patients suffering from sickle cell disease. She is developing a web-based virtual training tool enabling patients to better communicate with their healthcare providers, ultimately achieving better health outcomes and relief from pain and symptoms.

Amy Blank Wilson, assistant professor at the UNC School of Social Work
, is working with partners across the region to meet a critical need for those with serious mental illness who live in non-urban areas. University and community collaborators are building a community of tiny homes to house people with serious mental illness. The community is embedded at The Farm at Penny Lane under the direction of Thava Mahadevan, who also directs UNC’s Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health. Located on 40 acres in northern Chatham County, The Farm uses a holistic and sustainable approach to enhance the quality of life of individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. The Farm currently includes a community garden, a greenhouse, an apiary with nine beehives, a flock of heritagebreed chickens and a walking trail.

Visit the C. Felix Harvey Award website to learn about other previous winners and submit your proposal for 2017.